Make your Restaurant the Easiest to Discover in Kuwait with WhatsApp

Tiktik is the preferred app that restaurants in Kuwait trust to win new customers effortlessly using WhatsApp.

Cloud-based Solution on WhatsApp Designed to Deliver Professional Dining Experience

24/7 Visibility

Keep your restaurant visible around the clock and win new loyal customers with top-class services.

New Customers

Be discoverable to customers and give them an unforgettable experience in home food delivery.

Simplify Delivery

Link to your favorite delivery agents seamlessly and offer instant amazing services your customers will love.

Remember Customers

Give automated personal touch by offering every one of your customers professional service every time.

Technology Designed to make Restaurant Delivery Stress-free

Tiktik is for modern restaurants that want a streamlined automation tool to cut down operational costs and improve profit levels using NextGen technologies today.

  • Give your restaurant manager the ultimate solution in food delivery automation
  • Get insights about what your customers like and how to improve service levels
  • Link to your website if you like and give a never-ending option of your offerings
  • Get paid directly with multiple payment options by trusted gateways

Quicken Your Order to Delivery Time and Empower Customer Order Tracking

Tiktik is a double-edged sword that will provide information on the fingertips virtually to monitor all deliveries by the minute

  • Automated order tracking for customers so that can plan ahead
  • Monitor deliverables every minute with precise location information
  • Plan and schedule realistic delivery time for customer satisfaction
  • Answer delivery queries with confidence and accuracy every time

Simple, Yet Powerful for Restaurants

Bring down delivery time dramatically without additional expenses


Reduced delivery


Customer base increase


Reduced operation

Driving Growth with Technology

Tiktik is an incomparable marvel we created to empower restaurants to make running managing delivery in restaurants simple and easy without extensive investments.

It is a cloud-based app and does not require the installation of any expensive software or hardware to bring success to your eatery business. With a Whatsapp Business account you can innovate and grow your customer base confidently.

  • Subscription based pricing
  • No update costs absolutely
  • Freedom from maintenance
  • Easy and simple to use

No Training Required

100% intuitive and does not require user training. Start using and get benefits from day one.


No Unpleasant Charges

Our pricing is simple and easy to understand. So you won’t be burdened with unexpected costs.


Broad Access

Allows you to keep your restaurant open 24/7 and solicit patronage from a vast community of WhatsApp users.


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Satisfied Customers

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